The Newark Press was established in 2013 to publish new and old books of reactionary interest. Inevitably our catalogue will mostly contain works of political philosophy, but its range will be wider than this, covering science, the humanities and the arts.

The aim is to provide well-formatted ebooks in useful formats. At present the catalogue contains only out-of-copyright works, but we will also be publishing original works, which will also be published in print. With out-of-copyright works, we prioritise books which are not yet available as well-formatted ebooks.

We intend to publish series of works, including the Froude Society canon, and the Sith Library. We will also be distributing the works of Mencius Moldbug as free ebooks.


All our books can be purchased using PayPal through PayHip, BitCoin through CoinDL, and also through Kindle and Kobo.


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